Fish & Game Tickets

Information on Ticket

Fish and game violation tickets are filed by the issuing officers in the county where the violation occurred. At the time you receive your ticket, the officer will provide you with a copy of your ticket. On the back of the ticket will be the name, address and telephone number of the court where your ticket will be filed. Please give the court office a call if you have any questions.

Ticket Amount

Also on the back of your ticket will be a place for the officer to indicate how much you owe for your ticket. Not all violations have a set fine. If the officer has a scheduled fine for your violation, the officer will indicate the amount on your copy. If there is not a fine amount indicated, you must call the court in the county where you received the ticket prior to the date located at the bottom of your ticket. 

Several of these violations may require an appearance in front of the Judge because there may be other penalties involved besides a fine. The amount of the fine is in the judge's discretion.

Paying Your Ticket

The date on the bottom of your ticket is actually the date your ticket is due to be paid.

Failure to Pay or Contest Ticket

Failure to take care of your citation could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

Additionally, failure to take care of your citation by the date due will result in your license, permit, stamp or other issue suspended or forfeited by the Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (K.S.A. 32-1054). There is a $72 reinstatement fee assessed for each charge on your citation

Contesting a Ticket

If you wish to contest the ticket that was issued, you will need to call the court by the date on the bottom of your ticket to have the matter set for trial.

Court Costs

Court costs must be paid for each case that is filed with the court and are in addition to the amount of the fine. If you are charged with more than one violation on your ticket, there is only one set of court costs. The court costs are set by statute and are payable whether or not an appearance in court is required.