Welcome to the 23rd Judicial District

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Ellis, Gove, Rooks and Trego Counties

The following dress code shall be adhered to by all litigants, witnesses, jurors, court personnel, attorneys and other direct participants in court proceedings who are in the courtroom while court is in session.

No tank tops
No halter tops
No muscle shirts
No bare midriffs
No shorts except for children under 12 years of age
No hats or caps worn
No sweat pants or sweat shirts
Nothing worn which contains foul, obscene or disrespectful language
No flip flops or footwear thongs
Boots or shoes must be worn at all times
Pants must be worn at the beltline or above
No visible body piercing except earrings

All attorneys, as officers of the Court, are directed to inform their clients and witnesses to comply with this dress code.